Sunday, March 18, 2012

PCU and Spring Break

Let's start a couple of weekends ago...!
I had the opportunity to attend the Precision Camera and Video University.  This was a 3 day seminar in scenic Fredericksburg, TX.  I got to pick 3 out of 4 professional photographers to work with and boy was there a lot to learn.  I worked with Hanson Fong, Michael Corsentino, and Lindsay Adler.  They were awesome and I'm so glad I did this.  Texas School is next!!!  Here are a few shots of the models we worked with.

Move forward to now!  Spring break is just about over but the memories will live on, especially since I took lots of pictures!!  I can't help but think that I will soon be on an endless spring break, summer vacation, winter break, you name it, I'll be on a break!!!  It still amazes me that I've been at this for 32 years.  That does not include the jobs I had from the time I was a freshman in high school....I've always had a job!!! 

Enough of that, here are a a few shots taken this week.  BTW, it was also SXSW in Austin so there was plenty to see, hear, and eat!!

I also finally started Katie's senior pictures.  Although I think the shots are pretty good, I think my sister needs to get some professional pictures made.

Enough for now.  I've got so many more pictures and project updates but this entry is long enough.  :)

Until next time,
xoxo Anna

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