Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So Much To Learn, So Many Resources

I just joined in on the Kelby Training website and in just 1 morning, I've learned so very much about Lightroom.  I'm still not sure about a lot of things but it's all about the learning....I wonder if that's because I'm an educator?  :)  This has helped me get caught up with both my One Word Project and my Let's Do 52 Project.  Actually I skipped the March OWP but I'll get that when I find the right picture.
Sparkle and Shine-OWP

 I also finished week 13!!

Today we went out to get a few pictures of the bluebonnets just up the road.  I can't believe how beautiful they are and just to think, last year there were very few to be found.  I took several pictures and then came home to put some of what I learned to use.  I'll post some soon.

Until later,
xoxo Anna


  1. Oh wow! Sparkle and shine is one of my favorites of yours! Love it!! I need to get caught up too! I even have the pics, just need to edit and post! You're motivating me! =)

  2. Thanks Dawn....that means a lot coming from you! I get so behind these days but soon....I'll have no excuse!