Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

I couldn't wait to see Santa!  Well, I couldn't wait to see how Gabi would react to Santa.  I've got a great friend who fills in for Santa while Santa is busy preparing for the long trip ahead.  Russ and Teresa just moved back to Billings but had to get to Austin for their son's graduation.  Perfect timing since I really wanted Russ to be Gabi's first Santa.  Well the time arrived and although she was scared and we were able to take the traditional crying pics, Russ just let her get comfy.  He kinda sat back with her while we were all in the kitchen and before we knew it, she was in his arms.  THAT is why I wanted Russ to come see Gabi.  HE IS A WONDERFUL SANTA!!  Add to that the comfort of our home and it made for many perfect first Santa pictures!

Feliz Navidad my friends!

Materials Used:
SYSM-Blog Its 1 and 2
GDS Collab.-Dec. 2011
Digital Anemona-Christmas Unforgetable
JAB-Christmas Classics

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  1. Awe... I love these! The crying pictures are classic! lol She's growing up too fast! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas! *hugs*