Sunday, January 9, 2011


I haven't yet decided what I want to blog about but I do know that I want to blog.  I guess at this point it doesn't matter since I haven't shared this blog with anyone but Neal....and he knows what I'm doing all the time!  The other decision that I have not made is what I want to do with my photography hobby.  I love my camera and I can't wait until my princess Gabi Jo is born (her mom thinks it's funny that I want to call her that) so I can take great pictures of her, but I also like taking pictures of nature.  Today I will share the pictures I took yesterday at Southpark Meadows.  Such a pretty little place....note to self, "take Gabi Jo to SPM when she is old enough". 

Very interesting natural rock used to build this wall

I read a little tutorial on taking silhouette pictures so I had to try it out.

I used a different focal point on this picture and the one below.  See the difference?

All of these pics are right from my camera.  I haven't gotten into the processing part of photography.  I guess that will be next. 

Until next time....Anna

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